• The Battle Within

    The Battle Within


    There is a battle raging inside you and losing is not an option.

    This spiritual battle is within and at stake is your mind, your way of life… in short, everything. Although the struggle may not be visible, the effects are real and the wounds of confusion and misery can scar your soul and your relationships.


    Wanting to live a productive life is simply not enough: you must WIN the battle for your mind to make it a reality and Dr. Cannings’ shows you how in The Battle Within.

  • Best Of Paul Cannings Vol 2

    The Best of Paul Cannings Volume 2

  • Legacy Of The Church

    The Legacy of the Church


    The Legacy of the Church is a 10 part series that will focus on what Christ intends the church to be; the church is more than just a building and a form that we adhere. Dr. Cannings will take us back to the early church to help us look closely at the trials and chaos through which it was birth.

  • Providence Of God

    The Providence of God – He is in Control


    Sometimes it may feel that the world is careening out of control and that God has abandoned us to our own lusts.


    Even as believers, the cruel and sinful actions of some leave us shaking our heads in disbelief. If you have ever wondered where is God in the midst of this crazy world, then this CD is a must listen.

  • Theology of the Parables

    The Theology of Parables


    Jesus often spoke in parables in order to illustrate or bring to light a relevant theological point or a profound diving truth. Jesus warned us, sating that not all who have ears understand nor all those that see has perception(Matthew 13:10:17). Parables can be the gateway to a closer walk with Jesus as we exercise our gift of spiritual discernment to deeper in His Word.

    Join Dr. Cannings as he discusses, teaches and examines The Theology of Parables. Dr. Cannings will peel back the mystery of why Jesus taught in parables and the role parables play in our lives today

  • Unlimited Access To Glorious Living

    Unlimited Access to Glorious Living


    Some days it’s not just raining problems, it’s a deluge.

    In this CD series, Unlimited Access to Glorious Living, Dr. Cannings examines the lives of Abraham, Daniel, Job, and Joseph and the role hope plays in their lives and ours. Continuing in the study of God’s Word. Dr. Cannings will encourage us to develop a deep conviction that God will fulfill His Promises to us.

    Follow along with Dr. Cannings to grow in your understanding of God with this practical study of how to use faith and action to walk to victory over any situation

  • Walking with God

    Walking with God


    Are we willing to hold on to God in difficult times?  Often time we begin our race strong but when those dark clouds begin to pour in and our faith wavers, rapidly we begin to question the power of God.  Walking with God provides the foundation of experiencing God.  We experience God when we spend time with Him and walk in His will.

  • Why Cant Mondays Be Like Sundays

    Why Can’t Mondays Be More Like Sundays


    This book seeks to make faith something that is real, powerful and pleasing to God. It is not just for a believer’s spiritual growth but also for an intimate experience of God daily.