Just for a moment, who would have imagined a tiny invisible virus indiscriminately making our world topsy-turvy.

The COVID-19 crisis has brought several hardships; restrictions on usual freedoms, personal and economic-financial challenges, emotional vulnerabilities, thousands of lost loved ones, broken marriages, 24/7 parenting, hospitals overwhelmed, virtual graduations….the list goes on. 

Piling on top of the challenges, are numerous questions. When did the President know and what information is still being withheld?

When is the right time to open? How to open? Am I safe when the economy reopens? Am I asymptomatic (a carrier of the virus with no symptoms)?  Many may question every health symptom they encounter like a headache or sore throat, wondering, do I have the coronavirus?

Additionally, lifestyle changes have been forced and some may be here to stay, for example, hand washing to the Happy Birthday song and social distancing. Our world is instantly yet gradually changing.

Yes, I did say instantly yet gradually changing. For instance, while death was always imminent, it is even more present than distant. “Six feet” has a new meaning – even if tall and maybe handsome….please stay afar.

And here comes Mother’s Day, that will truly be a day of mixed emotions.

No reservations or restaurant choices! Possibly, no family visits to vulnerable grandparents.

Mothers, who are anxiously awaiting the re-opening of schools, while needing encouragement and support to stay the course or many who are grieving mothers lost either as a result of COVID-19, cancer, or other causes. Then, there are those who are longing to be mothers and their in-vitro attempts had to be placed on hold or those just crying out to God for a child.

What do you say? Serving a prison sentence, Apostle Paul, wrongly accused would say, “for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstance.” (Philippians 4:11)

Content meaning a dependence on God that gives an internal satisfaction that does not demand a change of external circumstance.  In other words, our beliefs have to become our conduct.

I believe many marriages will be saved if contentment is practiced. As the story of the teardrop of one woman who was heartbroken for the broken relationship; and the same teardrop of the other woman who married him. Many mothers who wish their children would grow faster and move away should slow down and enjoy the privilege of given time to be a greater influence. Personally, my biggest fear and anxiety that arises is being included in the vulnerable bracket for COVID-19. However, being content can turn a topsy-turvy (upside down) to a turvy-topsy (right-side up) world.

So, be content and enjoy YOUR day! Happy Mother’s Day!

Eve Cannings

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