• A Call to Active Duty

    A Call to Active Duty

  • Are You a Follower?


    Do you fully understand the call placed on a follower’s life?  So many times we seem to put on the trappings and “look” the part of a believer, but inside of our hearts, we must ask if we are walking the walk?  If all we have are the superficial trappings to identify us with our risen Savior, then we are selling ourselves short.  If you want to grow beyond the look of a Christina but want to live a life fully trusting Him as your Lord, the “Are You A Follower?” is just for you.

  • Experiencing God

    Experiencing God


    Men and women who experienced God lived powerful lives ( Moses, Elijah, Deborah, Phoebe and Paul). They began their experience from humble means and the more control God gained of their lives the greater their lives became for God and the stronger they became as individuals for their families and those around them(Exodus 33; 1 Kings 18: 1-40; Judges 4; Colossians 3:1-4; Galatians 2:20).

    Experiencing God series is a collection of messages that will power you to take your trek with God to a whole new level, experiencing Him in more powerful and meaningful ways

    God is not someone we come to experience just on Sundays; He is someone we experience daily, meaningfully. What creates this experience so our lives move from insecurity to purity; hopelessness to hope and from weakness to strength?

  • Assurance for the Righteous

    Assurance of the Righteous


    What do you do when the world seems to beat up on you, and the struggles of like keep you down and the pain of life doesn’t seen to get better?

    What is God sating to you in the midst of life’s pain and struggle? Is He concerned about you; does God even care about what you are going through?

    In this CD series “Assurance of the Righteous”, Dr. Cannings addresses these questions and gives direction on how to practically apply God’s Word in your situation. Encouraging believers that there are _______ God has made for those who are faint hearted.


  • Believers In Action CD cover

    Believers in Action


    We’ve all felt the sting of rejections at some point in our lives, yet how do we respond to situations like these? And how often have we’ve been told that if life offers you lemons make lemonade? This series will challenge us to walk by faith which comes by hearing God’s Word. We put our…

  • Benefits-of-Running-The-Race-of-Endurance

    Benefits of Running the Race of Endurance


    How do we remain strong in the midst of trials and don’t feel like we are losing our minds? How do we stay the course and make it through the trial?Since we can’t decide when we want to be in a trial, how long the trial will last and the intensity of the trial: how do we develop endurance and truly experience joy, growth and become stronger believers as a result of a trial. I’m glad you ask . You will discover the answers to these questions in the series of messages.

  • Don't Despair, There is Hope

    Don’t Despair, There is Hope


    Folks, all of us have been through a storm, are in one currently, or might go through many in our lifetime. How do we handle it and how can we prepare? Drawing truths from the Book of Hebrews, Dr. Cannings provides a Scriptural understanding of tribulation and how we can overcome life’s difficulties.

  • Families After Gods Own Heart

    Families after God’s Own Heart

  • Forgiveness

    Forgiveness: A Biblical Perspective


    Forgiveness can be difficult, but forgiveness leads to blessings.  Having a heart of forgiveness invites us to plunge into and embrace the teachings of Christ on “forgiveness”! Christ being our ultimate example of forgiveness; by the power of His Holy Spirit we too can walk in “forgiveness”.

  • GPS

    GPS(God’s Parenting Skills)


    Every child is a gift from God. Parenting can present many challenges. Unless, we follow God;s directions, cahnces are all we will ahve are grown kids that lack focus . It’s like driving a car with no set destination in mind, we’ll meander randomly making turns. Similarly, without God we may follow Dr. Spock. We need to seek
    God’s view and find His heart, so that we can raise each child to be a gift back to Him.

    Just as ww use GPS systems to get to certain travel destinations; so it should be in using Gods’s Word in our parenting skeills. God’s Word is an awesome GPS system in navigating the lives of our children towards faith in Him and His plan in their lives.

  • Holy Spirit and Me

    Holy Spirit and Me


    Now God is in every place all the time. So, why do we act like we have no helper? When we live, and thing, and walk with God inside of us – we are never alone. Ask yourself, what drives me every day? Remember it is the Spirit of God that can give us confidence to make the right decisions!

    Dr. Cannings wants us to dwell on the Holy Spirit, who is our Helper that Jesus Christ sent when He went to the Father …So challenging us to live by the Spirit of Truth.

  • Keeping Love Alive

    Keeping Love Alive


    There are an increasing number of fail marriages and broken homes today.  In the midst of this grime scenario Paul Cannings wants to emphasize that when a couple chooses to function under the authority of God instead of making decisions based on their personal view point; they are able to experience love, joy and peace in their lives.

    When we refuse to function under the authority of God our hearts become hard and our lives and homes fall apart.  Couples that desire their marriage to remain strong must not only look at the scriptures but also resolve to practice the Word of God.

  • Overcoming Fear

    Overcoming Fear


    Fear is a powerful emotion that can cause hopelessness and despair as it tightens its grip on an individual.

    It’s easy to apply the Bible in our comfort zone emphasizes Pastor, Teacher and Author Paul Cannings, but when God calls us to do something out of the ordinary fear
    often strikes and clouds our perspective of our Creator. The Bible reveals that we can overcome the grip of fear. This series is designed to help us understand the power of the Spirit over fear.

  • Overcoming The Attacks Of Satan

    Overcoming the Attacks of Satan


    Do you know Satan is watching you? Even if you are a believer, you are not exempt from his attacks. He is looking for someone to oppress so he can carry out his plan to hinder the spread of the gospel. He will try to discourage you, tempt you and may send physical ailments your way, all in an attempt to turn you from  God’s plan for your life.

    But God has an answer, God uses these sattacks as moments to empower and encourage us and to provide his grace when we are at our weakest.

    Once we know Satan’s schemes and we hear and obet God’s direction, we become stronger and mor productive agents for the kingdom. In this series, Dr. Cannings gives us the tools and biblical knowledge to expose Satan’s attacks and teaches us how to navigate through his schemes. No longer will these attacks break us.

    Listen and learn so you can livee the life of an overcomer.

  • Purposeful Giving

    Purposeful Giving


    Do you give out of a sense of obligation or is your giving an overflow of love for someone?  Through the giving of Cain and Abel in the book of Genesis Dr. Cannings provides a clear picture for us as to what it is that pleases God in our giving.  If the matter is not how much we give, then what is it that pleases the Lord?

  • Single Minded Singles


    Setting your mind on things that are above and not on things that are on earth is the key ingredient to being a “Single Minded Single”.

    So what does God say about single people who want to be married, and married people who want to be single? In this series Dr. Paul Cannings explains how to have a single minded focus on God that encourages single people to be faithful in what God is doing in their lives. Learn to shape your expectations by the standard of God.