Overcoming the Attacks of Satan


Do you know Satan is watching you? Even if you are a believer, you are not exempt from his attacks. He is looking for someone to oppress so he can carry out his plan to hinder the spread of the gospel. He will try to discourage you, tempt you and may send physical ailments your way, all in an attempt to turn you from  God’s plan for your life.

But God has an answer, God uses these sattacks as moments to empower and encourage us and to provide his grace when we are at our weakest.

Once we know Satan’s schemes and we hear and obet God’s direction, we become stronger and mor productive agents for the kingdom. In this series, Dr. Cannings gives us the tools and biblical knowledge to expose Satan’s attacks and teaches us how to navigate through his schemes. No longer will these attacks break us.

Listen and learn so you can livee the life of an overcomer.



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