• Power Up With Jesus 365 Devotional

    365 Devotional


    Power up with Jesus.  Exercise your faith Daily! This new 365 day devotional by Dr. Cannings will give you the “power” you need to not only get through your day but actually love it!

  • Big Idea Sermons

    Big Idea Sermons 52 Sermon Guides For Busy Pastors and Bible Teachers


    A great tool for pastors, clergy, Sunday school teachers, and others!

  • Biblical Answers For 21st Century

    Biblical Answers for the 21st Century


    This book is designed to give biblical answers to questions that the 21st century church has been faced with. Some topics include: The Church’s Response to Social Injustice, Prophecy and The Church Today, Divorce & Remarriage, The Lottery and Its Social Impact. Much More!

  • Doing It God's Way

    Doing It God’s Way: From Conflict to Harmony in Church Leadership


    Strong leadership is crucial to expand ministries and continue the growth of the church. However, the process of building that leadership team is not always given the attention it deserves. Today’s pastors must first understand that the Word of God is the foundation for developing church ministry and rely on the principles outlined in the…

  • Experiencing God

    Experiencing God


    Men and women who experienced God lived powerful lives ( Moses, Elijah, Deborah, Phoebe and Paul). They began their experience from humble means and the more control God gained of their lives the greater their lives became for God and the stronger they became as individuals for their families and those around them(Exodus 33; 1 Kings 18: 1-40; Judges 4; Colossians 3:1-4; Galatians 2:20).

    Experiencing God series is a collection of messages that will power you to take your trek with God to a whole new level, experiencing Him in more powerful and meaningful ways

    God is not someone we come to experience just on Sundays; He is someone we experience daily, meaningfully. What creates this experience so our lives move from insecurity to purity; hopelessness to hope and from weakness to strength?

  • Leadership Training Manual

    Leadership Training


    For a pastor, this manual will assist him in enhancing his already leadership ministry and the development of new leadership in the local church.

  • Making Your Vision a Reality


    Making Your Vision A Reality examines the key components of a systematic process that assists church leaders in shaping a vision statement and designing strategies to implement it. Author Paul Cannings outlines how leadership can play a role in the church vision development, how members can become involved in its implementation, and how the vision can function to shape the budget.

  • Assurance for the Righteous

    Assurance of the Righteous


    What do you do when the world seems to beat up on you, and the struggles of like keep you down and the pain of life doesn’t seen to get better?

    What is God sating to you in the midst of life’s pain and struggle? Is He concerned about you; does God even care about what you are going through?

    In this CD series “Assurance of the Righteous”, Dr. Cannings addresses these questions and gives direction on how to practically apply God’s Word in your situation. Encouraging believers that there are _______ God has made for those who are faint hearted.


  • Believers In Action CD cover

    Believers in Action


    We’ve all felt the sting of rejections at some point in our lives, yet how do we respond to situations like these? And how often have we’ve been told that if life offers you lemons make lemonade? This series will challenge us to walk by faith which comes by hearing God’s Word. We put our…

  • Benefits-of-Running-The-Race-of-Endurance

    Benefits of Running the Race of Endurance


    How do we remain strong in the midst of trials and don’t feel like we are losing our minds? How do we stay the course and make it through the trial?Since we can’t decide when we want to be in a trial, how long the trial will last and the intensity of the trial: how do we develop endurance and truly experience joy, growth and become stronger believers as a result of a trial. I’m glad you ask . You will discover the answers to these questions in the series of messages.

  • Blacks In The Bible by Dr Paul Cannings

    Blacks in the Bible


    The purpose of this Biblical review is to highlight that Africans, like any other race, were always in God’s creation. Nowhere in His creation was any race of greater importance than another. Some may argue that the Jews (the descendants of Shem, Semites – Israelites) are but Deuteronomy 9:5 reads “It is not for your…

  • Christmas With Pastor Paul Cannings

    Christmas with Pastor Paul Cannings


    Just in time for Christmas. You’ll enjoy this two part DVD wich includes the following messages:

    • The Gift of Christmas is the Heart
    • Christmas Our Devotion to Christ that could Disrupt Your Life
  • Don't Despair, There is Hope

    Don’t Despair, There is Hope


    Folks, all of us have been through a storm, are in one currently, or might go through many in our lifetime. How do we handle it and how can we prepare? Drawing truths from the Book of Hebrews, Dr. Cannings provides a Scriptural understanding of tribulation and how we can overcome life’s difficulties.

  • Families After Gods Own Heart

    Families after God’s Own Heart

  • Forgiveness

    Forgiveness: A Biblical Perspective


    Forgiveness can be difficult, but forgiveness leads to blessings.  Having a heart of forgiveness invites us to plunge into and embrace the teachings of Christ on “forgiveness”! Christ being our ultimate example of forgiveness; by the power of His Holy Spirit we too can walk in “forgiveness”.

  • Give-Fear-A-Knock-Out-Punch

    Giving Fear a Knockout Punch


    Many believers make decisions as a result of fear. Most of these decisions affect them negatively. The daily battle to overcome fear is an amazing experience. Faith leads to a powerful experience with God and conquers fear in all its forms. I pray you would take the time to read the verses provided in this book, contemplate on the principles and allow them to bless you as seek to grow and experience the work of the Holy Spirit in your life.