Remember not too long ago, you were passing out Valentines to every classmate with little hearts drawn on the little pack of cards bought by your parents. I’m sure back then little thought was given to the fact that the biblical principle, loving thy neighbor as thyself, may not have crossed your minds. But then as you got older and someone came into your life, Valentine took on a whole new meaning. Flowers and chocolate and dinners and some even took their Valentine to an altar with a lifetime vow.

Sometimes, I often wonder how Jesus feels when he observes our love expressions to Him or for Him?

Not too long ago I read the story of a lady who called the Butterball Turkey company explaining that she had a turkey in the freezer for the last 23 years and wondered if it would be good to consume. To which the representative responded that it would be if the freezer had been maintained below zero for all that time. She cautioned her that it may not be as Juicy. To which the woman responded, “I thought so…I ‘d just donate to the church”. She forgot one thing that Jesus knows our motives and that he deliberately takes the time to observe our Valentines. Especially after making the promise that He will return, pressed down, shaken and overflowing.

A closer look at some tangible Valentines Jesus noticed. 

The man on the road to Jericho had been mugged. Robbers overtook him, beating him badly and stripping him of his clothes, and then leaving him lying by the road, half-dead. This man needed help, badly. Then the Samaritan stopped and opened up his arms and purse and remained supportive until the man was well. 

Mary of Bethany was at the feet of Jesus while Lazarus who resurrected after four days was sitting near Jesus. It seems like things should have been reversed. She took an expensive vial of cologne and pour it on His feet (also serves as a healing agent to Christ’s feet from walking on dusty break roads) and wiped it with her hair. She gains honorable mention from Jesus in front of a large crowd because of the love she demonstrated for Christ; especially as the horrific crucifixion neared. 

Get the point, Valentines are for the pleasure and good will of another.   They are usually motivated by genuine love from the heart.  How can the Spirit of Christ be represented this Valentine’s Day?

– by Eve Cannings

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